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Mistery Shopping - In person
Mystery clients, that match the demographic profile of your typical client, are trained and sent off to visit some of your offices/points of sale. They evaluate the performance of the employees according to a predetermined set of standards.
Mistery Shopping - Over the phone
After we help you develop standards regarding the way your employees should act over the phone, present the products and services, and execute the pitches and sales, we verify your employees follow those standards.
Mistery Shopping - Online
We are able to determine the obstacles your customers face when they are using your online services too.

If you are an internet vendor, we can help you enhance the design of your website.
Mistery Shopping - Over the e-mail
The increasing importance of the internet as a media for executing business transactions, forced us to start offering the “Email Mystery Shopping” service. It allows our clients to evaluate the speed and accuracy of information provided in response to customer enquiries and purchases. This will help you gain insights on the level of customer services provided of your company in the internet.