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How to become a mystery shopper
If you are reliable and detail oriented and would like to earn some extra income, being a mystery client might be a perfect fir for you.

What does a mystery shopper do?

The mystery shoppers are people who visit points of sales and purchase products and services with a special agenda. They pretend to be regular customers while they shop or get serviced but in the mean time they evaluate the outlook of the store/office and the performance and behaviour of the employees.

After the visit, the mystery shopper fills in a score card and gives an account of his/her overall experience with the shopping at the office/store of interest.

The mystery shoppers are remunerated according to the complexity of the project and the number of mystery visits done.

If you believe mystery shopping is a good fit for you, please send us your CV at office@marketeyes.biz and we will get in touch with you.